Senior VFX Production Coordinator 
Method Studios - Vancouver, B.C.
​July 2020 - October 2020
  • Projects: Internal Commercial Projects 

  • Communicated project targets and tasks to the production team and artists.  Ensured that the team was on schedule and reported any delays along with solutions to the Producer, Production Manager and other departments.

  • Problem solved, reported and tracked any technical issues that might hinder production.

  • Prepared deliveries and synced files between studio locations

  • Took notes, communicated any client notes to the artists and updated targets and statuses in Shotgun.

  • Software used: Shotgun, RV, Jitsi, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Microsoft Excel and Google Docs.

VFX Production Coordinator 
Zoic Studios - Vancouver, B.C.
​November 2019 - April 2020
  • Projects: The Haunting of Bly Manor (Paramount TV – Netflix), Charmed (Warner Bros. TV / CW)

  • Communicated project targets and tasks to the production team and artists.  Ensured that the team was on schedule and reported any delays along with solutions to the Producer, Production Manager and other departments.

  • Prepared nightly sends which included updating editorial overcuts, shotgun playlists, and submission sheets.

  • Software used: Shotgun, RV, Studio Manager, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

VFX Production Coordinator - Compositing / 3D Departments
Encore VFX (Deluxe) - Vancouver, B.C.
​December 2018 - November 2019
  • Projects: Riverdale (Warner Bros. TV/CW – Netflix), The Flash (Warner Bros. TV / CW); Supergirl (Warner Bros. TV/CW); Nancy Drew  - Pilot (Warner Bros. TV/CW); Batwoman  (Warner Bros. TV / CW); SEAL Team (CBS TV); God Friended Me (Warner Bros. TV/CBS); My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Warner Bros.TV/CBS), Capone (Vertical)

  • Communicate project targets, tasks and quotas to the production team and artists.  Ensure the team is on schedule and report any delays to the producer, production manager and other departments.

  • Prepare nightly updates for the Los Angeles Production Teams with shots up for review, target changes and technical needs

  • Host and curate a b-weekly film screening series, and create and present an educational PowerPoint deck introduction for each film.

  • Software used: Shotgun, RV, Excel, PowerPoint

​VFX Production Coordinator - Animation / Creature Dev / Particle TD-FX / DMS - Assets / Layout
Industrial Light and Magic (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney) - Vancouver, B.C.
​June 2016 - October 2018


  • Projects: Aquaman (Warner Bros.); Bumblebee (Paramount); Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Episode VIII] ( Lucasfilm / Walt Disney); Thor: Ragnarok (Marvel Studios / Walt Disney); Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney)

  • Communicated project targets, tasks and quotas to the production team and artists.  Ensured the team was on schedule and reported any delays to the producer, production manager and other departments.

  • Prepared department schedule and lists for dailies review with the VFX supervisor and communicated any artistic and technical notes to the artists and department lead(s).

  • Worked with the Studio Talent Group to produce monthly Movie Night events in addition to preparing and presenting Google slide presentations about the films being screened.

  • Software Used: RV, Prodcast, Excel, Google Docs.

VFX Production Coordinator - Incoming-Outgoing / Particle TD-FX
Image Engine Design, Inc. - Vancouver, B.C.
​February 2016 - Present


  • Projects: Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (Square Enix); Final Fantasy XV - Game Cinematic (Square Enix)

  • Managed all materials sent to and received from the client.  Coordinated the preparation of deliverables, and communicated with and distributed information and files to the proper individuals and departments.

  • Communicated project targets, tasks and quotas to the production team and artists.  Ensured the team was on schedule and reported any delays to the producer and production manager.

  • Software Used: Shotgun, RV, Excel, Word.


VFX Production Coordinator - 3DDMP / Lighting / Show Production
MPC, A Technicolor Company - Vancouver, B.C.
​January 2015 - February 2016


  • Projects: Monster Trucks (Paramount); The Finest Hours (Disney); Independence Day: Resurgence - Trailer (Fox); Ghostbusters (Sony)

  • Communicated with the production team, department leads and effects artists within the VFX pipeline to ensure the on-time delivery of content to the client.

  • Managed and problem-solved issues and schedule with the departments and artists, and inform the production team of any delays.

  • Software Used: RV, Pronto, Excel.


Creative Content-Entertainment Consultant
Self Employed
​November 2013 - December 2014


  • Contracted by Entertainment clients to seek out, develop, evaluate and acquire creative content for production consideration.

  • Produced proposals, created social media plans and pitched creative ideas to promote content awareness.

  • Developed relationships with content creators, producers, writers and intellectual property rights owners.

  • Software Used: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Final Draft.

Contract Story Analyst / Blogger
Amazon Studios - Seattle, WA (Remotely)
​May 2012 - October 2013


  • Evaluated scripts and story content for development consideration based on content, commercial and marketing potential.

  • Recruited by the Social Media Manager to interview Amazon creators and write articles for the Hollywonk Amazon Studios Blog, as well as brainstormed story ideas and features.

  • Developed script coverage with a project recommendation that was optioned to the feature film development slate.

  • Software Used: Excel, Word.


Gyro Productions - Regina, SK
​July 2010 - February 2013

  • Produced High Definition Commercials and Videos with budgets ranging from $25K to $175K, working creatively and strategically to deliver them under restrictive conditions and tight deadlines.

  • Produced a commercial campaign that secured additional projects over a 2 year period with over $300K in combined budgets.

  • Managed Production and Post-Production budgets, deliverables, timelines and supervised 15 staff members.

  • Software Used: Excel, Word.


Contract Editorial Consultant
The Search Agency - Santa Monica, CA
​June 2009


  • Developed and proofread copy for online search engine advertisements.

  • Created alternative copy for ads.

  • Sotware Used: Excel, Word.


Production Coordinator - Dramatic Networks
Alliance Atlantis / Canwest - Toronto, ON
​June 2004 - July 2008


  • Developed the creative execution of on-air image and show/movie promotions, and simplified the process and completion timelines for each campaign.

  • Consulted by the marketing team who relied on industry expertise and background for channel content promotions.

  • Managed workflow, timelines, budgets and schedules for 8 cable specialty channels and directed voice-over sessions.

  • Awarded Outstanding Employee Recognition for managing the production of and submitting all on-air elements under a tight deadline with limited resources for the successful launch of Showcase HD.

  • Software Used: Excel, Word.


Creative Executive
Mad Chance - Warner Bros. Lot, Burbank, CA
​September 1999 - July 2003

  • Managed the development of 10 feature films and 1 television pilot working with Producer Andrew Lazar, including 3 blockbusters.

  • Drafted treatments, outlines and story notes on feature film projects like Space Cowboys, Catch That Kid, Cats & Dogs, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Death to Smoochy and others in development and under consideration.

  • Software Used: Excel, Word, Final Draft, Filemaker Pro.


Executive Assistant
Mad Chance - Warner Bros. Lot, Burbank, CA
​February 1997 - September 1999


  • Provided assistance to producer Andrew Lazar and facilitated relationships with agents and talent.

  • Assisted on feature films such as: The Astronaut’s Wife, 10 Things I Hate About You, Panic and Lucky Numbers.

  • Software Used: Excel, Word, Final Draft, Filemaker Pro.


Content Development / Production

Production Management

Post-Production Management

VFX Production

Client Relationship Building

Project Proposals

Work Flow Management

Creative Writing / Blogging

Script Coverage / Notes

Schedule and Budget Management

Encyclopedic Film and Television Knowledge

Social Media

Citizenship - Canadian


Editor / Social Media Consultant
The American Cinematheque - Los Angeles, CA (Remotely)
March 2012 - July 2018


  • Manage and edit content on the Cinematheque Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter accounts which has resulted in a 25% increase in traffic and Tumblr followers.

  • Promote American Cinematheque programs and events via Social Media outreach and engagement.

  • Invited to promote special events like the World 3-D Film Expo, Film Noir Festival and Cinematheque galas due to strong social media movie consumer-based following and personal knowledge of the content.

  • Software Used: Word, Social Media - Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google Docs.

Columbia College Hollywood - Tarzana, CA

1994 - 1998


  • ​Bachelor of Arts - Cinema / Television

  • Graduated Magna cum Laude

  • Received Library Scholarship

  • Invited to be a guest speaker in February 2018 to discuss my career with the senior Production Workshop class.





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