VFX Production Coordinator - Compositing / 3D Departments
Encore VFX (Deluxe) - Vancouver, B.C.
​December 2018 - Present
  • Projects: Riverdale (Warner Bros. TV/CW – Netflix), The Flash (Warner Bros. TV / CW); Supergirl (Warner Bros. TV/CW); Nancy Drew  - Pilot (Warner Bros. TV/CW); Batwoman  - Pilot (Warner Bros. TV / CW); SEAL Team (CBS TV); God Friended Me (Warner Bros. TV/CBS); My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Warner Bros. TV/CBS)​

  • Communicate project targets, tasks and quotas to the production team and artists.  Ensure the team is on schedule and report any delays to the producer, production manager and other departments.

  • Prepare nightly updates for the Los Angeles Production Teams with shots up for review, target changes and technical needs

  • Host and curate a b-weekly film screening series, and create and present an educational PowerPoint deck introduction for each film.

  • Software used: Shotgun, RV, Excel, PowerPoint

​VFX Production Coordinator - Animation / Creature Dev / Particle TD-FX / DMS - Assets / Layout
Industrial Light and Magic (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney) - Vancouver, B.C.
​June 2016 - October 2018


  • Projects: Aquaman (Warner Bros.); Bumblebee (Paramount); Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Episode VIII] ( Lucasfilm / Walt Disney); Thor: Ragnarok (Marvel Studios / Walt Disney); Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney)

  • Communicated project targets, tasks and quotas to the production team and artists.  Ensured the team was on schedule and reported any delays to the producer, production manager and other departments.

  • Prepared department schedule and lists for dailies review with the VFX supervisor and communicated any artistic and technical notes to the artists and department lead(s).

  • Worked with the Studio Talent Group to produce monthly Movie Night events in addition to preparing and presenting Google slide presentations about the films being screened.

  • Software Used: RV, Prodcast, Excel, Google Docs.

VFX Production Coordinator - Incoming-Outgoing / Particle TD-FX
Image Engine Design, Inc. - Vancouver, B.C.
​February 2016 - Present


  • Projects: Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (Square Enix); Final Fantasy XV - Game Cinematic (Square Enix)

  • Managed all materials sent to and received from the client.  Coordinated the preparation of deliverables, and communicated with and distributed information and files to the proper individuals and departments.

  • Communicated project targets, tasks and quotas to the production team and artists.  Ensured the team was on schedule and reported any delays to the producer and production manager.

  • Software Used: Shotgun, RV, Excel, Word.


VFX Production Coordinator - 3DDMP / Lighting / Show Production
MPC, A Technicolor Company - Vancouver, B.C.
​January 2015 - February 2016


  • Projects: Monster Trucks (Paramount); The Finest Hours (Disney); Independence Day: Resurgence - Trailer (Fox); Ghostbusters (Sony)

  • Communicated with the production team, department leads and effects artists within the VFX pipeline to ensure the on-time delivery of content to the client.

  • Managed and problem-solved issues and schedule with the departments and artists, and inform the production team of any delays.

  • Software Used: RV, Pronto, Excel.


Creative Content-Entertainment Consultant
Self Employed
​November 2013 - December 2014


  • Contracted by Entertainment clients to seek out, develop, evaluate and acquire creative content for production consideration.

  • Produced proposals, created social media plans and pitched creative ideas to promote content awareness.

  • Developed relationships with content creators, producers, writers and intellectual property rights owners.

  • Software Used: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Final Draft.

Contract Story Analyst / Blogger
Amazon Studios - Seattle, WA (Remotely)
​May 2012 - October 2013


  • Evaluated scripts and story content for development consideration based on content, commercial and marketing potential.

  • Recruited by the Social Media Manager to interview Amazon creators and write articles for the Hollywonk Amazon Studios Blog, as well as brainstormed story ideas and features.

  • Developed script coverage with a project recommendation that was optioned to the feature film development slate.

  • Software Used: Excel, Word.


Gyro Productions - Regina, SK
​July 2010 - February 2013

  • Produced High Definition Commercials and Videos with budgets ranging from $25K to $175K, working creatively and strategically to deliver them under restrictive conditions and tight deadlines.

  • Produced a commercial campaign that secured additional projects over a 2 year period with over $300K in combined budgets.

  • Managed Production and Post-Production budgets, deliverables, timelines and supervised 15 staff members.

  • Software Used: Excel, Word.


Contract Editorial Consultant
The Search Agency - Santa Monica, CA
​June 2009


  • Developed and proofread copy for online search engine advertisements.

  • Created alternative copy for ads.

  • Sotware Used: Excel, Word.


Production Coordinator - Dramatic Networks
Alliance Atlantis / Canwest - Toronto, ON
​June 2004 - July 2008


  • Developed the creative execution of on-air image and show/movie promotions, and simplified the process and completion timelines for each campaign.

  • Consulted by the marketing team who relied on industry expertise and background for channel content promotions.

  • Managed workflow, timelines, budgets and schedules for 8 cable specialty channels and directed voice-over sessions.

  • Awarded Outstanding Employee Recognition for managing the production of and submitting all on-air elements under a tight deadline with limited resources for the successful launch of Showcase HD.

  • Software Used: Excel, Word.


Creative Executive
Mad Chance - Warner Bros. Lot, Burbank, CA
​September 1999 - July 2003

  • Managed the development of 10 feature films and 1 television pilot working with Producer Andrew Lazar, including 3 blockbusters.

  • Drafted treatments, outlines and story notes on feature film projects like Space Cowboys, Catch That Kid, Cats & Dogs, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Death to Smoochy and others in development and under consideration.

  • Software Used: Excel, Word, Final Draft, Filemaker Pro.


Executive Assistant
Mad Chance - Warner Bros. Lot, Burbank, CA
​February 1997 - September 1999


  • Provided assistance to producer Andrew Lazar and facilitated relationships with agents and talent.

  • Assisted on feature films such as: The Astronaut’s Wife, 10 Things I Hate About You, Panic and Lucky Numbers.

  • Software Used: Excel, Word, Final Draft, Filemaker Pro.


Content Development / Production

Production Management

Post-Production Management

VFX Production

Client Relationship Building

Project Proposals

Work Flow Management

Creative Writing / Blogging

Script Coverage / Notes

Schedule and Budget Management

Encyclopedic Film and Television Knowledge

Social Media



Editor / Social Media Consultant
The American Cinematheque - Los Angeles, CA (Remotely)
March 2012 - July 2018


  • Manage and edit content on the Cinematheque Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter accounts which has resulted in a 25% increase in traffic and Tumblr followers.

  • Promote American Cinematheque programs and events via Social Media outreach and engagement.

  • Invited to promote special events like the World 3-D Film Expo, Film Noir Festival and Cinematheque galas due to strong social media movie consumer-based following and personal knowledge of the content.

  • Software Used: Word, Social Media - Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google Docs.

Columbia College Hollywood - Tarzana, CA

1994 - 1998


  • ​Bachelor of Arts - Cinema / Television

  • Graduated Magna cum Laude

  • Received Library Scholarship

  • Invited to be a guest speaker in February 2018 to discuss my career with the senior Production Workshop class.




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